Last update on: 27.01.2023

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files placed on your computer or your mobile phone browser by websites that you visit. Cookies are used widespread for websites to function, to enhance the user experience as well as to share certain information with the owner of a website.

Visitors have the choice to configure their browser to either accept all cookies, to reject them or to inform them when a cookie is used. Rejecting cookies can however have the consequence that certain personalised services cannot be offered to the visitor or that the website will not function properly anymore, which can result in not being able to use all features of the website.

If you wish to reject all or certain cookies, you need to adapt your browser settings. Given that every browser is different, we advise you to check the ‘Help’-menu of your browser to see how you can change your preferences regarding cookies.

The personal data we collect through cookies accepted by you will be processed by us in accordance with the legislation regarding privacy and cookies, as well as in accordance with our privacy policy and this cookie policy.

2. Which cookies do we use on this website?

On our website we categorise cookies according to their purpose. In general, we differentiate cookies into four types: technically necessary cookies, statistic cookies, cookies regarding preferences and marketing/social media cookies. We will further elaborate on the characteristics of these cookies.

Within these four types of cookies, we also differentiate the cookies based on their origin into first-party and third-party cookies:

  • First-party cookies: these are cookies used and placed by us.
  • Third-party cookies: these cookies are made and placed by third parties.

A. Technically necessary cookies
To have the website function properly, we need to place technically necessary cookies. Through the use of these cookies we are also able to improve the functioning of the website. These cookies cannot be rejected when using the website.

We use the following technically necessary cookies:

Name Placed by Description Active during

B. Statistical cookies
These cookies we place to measure the use of the website. They provide us with input regarding the performance and loading times of the website and specific pages of the website. This data allows us to improve user functionality of the website. We use this data only on an anonymous basis. These cookies can be rejected when using the website.

We use the following statistical cookies:

Name Placed by Description Active during

C. Cookies concerning preferences
Cookies concerning preferences collect information on the choices and preferences of the visitor or to allow the smooth functionality of the website. These cookies can be rejected when using the website.

We use the following cookies concerning preferences:

Name Placed by Description Active during

D. Sociale media/marketing cookies
The social media cookies allow functionalities of social media networks to work on the website. Matrketingcookies are used to track visitors when they visit multiple websites. Their aim is to display advertisements that are adapted to and relevant for the individual user of a website. These cookies can be rejected when using the website.

We use the following social media/marketing cookies:

Name Placed by Description Active during

3. how to contact us?

Should you have any questions about our use of cookies, please contact us using following contact details:

E-mail :