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perfectly imperfect

Designed for moments of happiness


Originating in Africa, Kasanai means “hardworking”. We feel this resonates perfectly with the ethos of our company, as every individual piece is a labour of love which takes hours and hours of work and dedication.

We believe that the hard way is always the best way. In today’s society, as life becomes faster and goods become more mass produced and disposable, beauty and quality have become undervalued. Our aim is to reclaim the lost art of hard work, creating lasting pieces that are all uniquely beautiful in their own way.

Every table in our collection is lovingly built using multiple layers, and it’s something that simply cannot be rushed. By taking our time with our creations we breathe life and love into every layer, in turn inspiring our customers to drink in the serenity of their surroundings and enjoy a calmer, more mindful approach to life.


We believe that a table is much more than something to eat from. It’s a living piece that’s the hub of a happy home; where lovingly prepared food is shared, stories are told and memories are made. It acts a desk for homework and other assignments, a quiet place for reading our favourite books, and a space on which loved ones can come together and share stories.

It’s our passion to turn everyday moments into more meaningful memories.


Happiness is to be shared

Quality from the Heart

Quality and individuality is at the heart of everything we do, and our passion is for creating unique, understated pieces that are made with love, and designed to last. We say our pieces are hand crafted, but really, they come from the heart.

Designer Virginie Steeland personally designs and makes the pieces herself. By using robust materials like Mortex, we make tables that are built to last through the many exciting chapters of life.