Create your personal oasis at home

Originating in Africa, Kasanai means “hardworking”. We feel this fits perfectly with the ethos of our brand. Every soulful object we house was created for everyday moments and will act as an antidote to fast-paced lives. Bring your mind at ease and create your personal oasis at home with Kasanai.


Shift the atmosphere

We created a collection of sensuous living objects and lifestyle products that are boldly individual, yet effortlessly refined. Our collection consists of durable pieces that shift the atmosphere in your home and transform any space into a silent sanctuary.

The pursuit of essence

Our goal is to celebrate beautifully made pieces and inspire people to create a minimal space that radiates purity and serenity. All items created are inspired by the pursuit of essence. The results are subtle and refined pieces with an eye for elegance. Enjoy a calmer, more mindful approach to life with items that truly delight your senses.