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We believe in a minimalist approach to design, and to life. By focusing only on the things we truly need and love, we are able to reach a deeper spiritual understanding. All our pieces at KASANAI are hand crafted using local materials, with every piece embodying a timeless essence that will hold a special place in your home.

KASANAI was founded by Interior architect Virginie Steeland in 2021. Frustrated by the complexities of trying to find a table for her own home, she decided to make her own. As a strong believer in the role furniture plays in bringing people together, she used the principles of minimalist design to build a table that would be the heart of the family and a space around which memories can be made.

Our designs are influenced by the principles and aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi; a world centred on the acceptance of imperfection.  That’s why all our pieces are individually made by hand, and we embrace those little quirks that make them special

We specialise in beautiful, handcrafted furniture designed to make life simpler, believing the things we surround ourselves with should bring joy and serenity in an unquiet world.

We love creating serene spaces away from the noise of the outside world: clear and simple, but never boring. Our designs work with the beauty of natural materials and forms, bridging the gap between functionality and expression.

It’s challenging to make any minimalist object look warm and welcoming, but this is a challenge we embrace every day. By using soft, monochromatic colours and organic materials, we create statement pieces with love and purity at their heart.

Our signature look is one that brings depth and elegance to the everyday, marrying natural materials with clean lines to create a sense of space and clean energy. Minimalist in spirit and aesthetics, our mission is to bring light to your world and love to your home. 




At KASANAI we adopt the ‘less is more’ philosophy. We believe in the principles of “slow design”, an approach that favours quality and sustainability as an antidote to the throwaway culture of today. By creating unique tables built to stand the test of time, we aim to bring back the joy of bespoke furniture to the modern home.


Quality and individuality is at the heart of everything we do, and our passion is for creating unique, understated pieces that are made with love, and designed to last. We say our pieces are hand crafted, but really they come from the heart.

By using robust materials like Mortex, we make tables that are built to last through the many exciting chapters of your life.


Sometimes the best way is the hard way.  Each table is made from multiple layers of micro-cement, also known as Mortex, meticulously applied by hand. The layers of Mortex can be varied in different shades by means of pigments. Next we apply more layers of protective coating and finish with a wax to bring out the natural mineral beauty. The result is a practical, versatile and sustainable piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for generations to come.